Used Book Sale

2011 Oregon Christian Home Education Show and Sale

How to Sell Your Items
Before you enter the information onto the OCEANetwork web site:

  • Decide which items to sell and set them aside (preferably by the computer).
  • Visit the OCEANetwork website and create a login and an account for yourself.
  • Look around the website.
  • Print the list of instructions (or download the PDF).
  • Print the list of categories (or download the PDF).
  • Gather supplies. You’ll need: books to sell, post it notes, ink pen, computer, printer with paper, scissors, tape, boxes, etc.
  • Determine what price you will sell each item for, and what category you will put it into. This will probably take the most amount of time. See “Advice for Successful Selling” on this site.

After you have decided on the price and category:

  • Have boxes nearby to place books in after you enter them into the system.
  • Log on to the OCEANetwork site for selling books.
  • Log each item into the system. Follow instructions carefully. Try to be quick.
  • As you log your items into the website set them into a box in the order entered. This will save you time and frustration since the labels print out in the order entered.
  • Print out labels and master sheets.
  • Label books.
  • Look at the master sheet: sign it, mark if you want to donate any unsold items, mark if you are willing to do “bulk check in”, attach a self addressed stamped envelope, and put master copy in box.
  • Bring everything to the Used Curriculum Exchange. You must have the master copy with you to check in your books.

How to Package my Books for Sale
Multiple Books Together:

Because rubber bands break too easily we recommend that you use a large re-sealable plastic bag.

  • Label each book.
  • Put another label on the outside of the bag.

Large/Complete Sets:

We recommend that you put these in a sealed box with a label on the outside detailing what is inside. For example:

* Sonlight Newcomer K Package
** New price $806.99
** For Sale at $450.00
* Included:
** The House at Pooh Corner, Like new
** The Story of Dr. Doolittle, Shelf worn
** The Story of Ping Shelf, worn/min. markings

Advice for Successful Selling
There are two main areas that will determine whether you items will sell. How you categorize them and how you price them.
  • If you don’t categorize it for optimum exposure, people won’t find it.
  • If you price it too high, it won't sell.

Before we begin with some tips on categorizing and pricing, we would like to share with you our experience of what doesn’t sell.

The following items have VERY LITTLE chance of selling:
  • VHS tapes
  • Cassette tapes
  • Public school books
  • Adult fiction
The following items have a better chance of selling if they are EDUCATIONAL and NO MORE THAN THREE YEARS OLD:
  • Computer games
  • Video games (please mark system used)

CATEGORIZING (How to choose the category for my item.)
Single Grade Level:

Most items will be categorized by a specific grade. For example:

Math-U-See Alpha1st Grade Math
Horizon Math 44th Grade Math

How do I know what "Grade" the book is for?
  • The book itself might tell you.
  • Check the publisher's web site.

Multi-Grade Level:

Any item that covers multiple grade levels will be categorized under “Multi-Level”, then the specific subject. For example:

Spell To Write & Read K-5Multi-Level---Language Arts
Beautiful Feet “Ancient History”Multi-Level---History OR
High School---History
Apologia Young Explorers Zoology IMulti-Level---Science

It helps to know what your book is currently selling for "new" and "used".

How do I know the current "new" and "used" price of my book?
  • Check the publisher's website.
  • Check out a website that sells the book (look for both "new" and "used" prices).
  • Check out Amazon for used prices.

Pricing Used Books

How to Come Home With What You Need
  • PRAY before you begin. Ask God to prepare you for the next school year. That He would guide and direct your choices. That you would be in His will.

  • LIST. Make a list of what you will be teaching this next year and what materials you will need to accomplish your goals.

  • EXHIBITORS. Visit the OCEANetwork conference site to see which exhibitors will be attending.
    • Note any that have materials you need
    • Check out their website and note the prices and current editions
    • Consider contacting them to assure the items you are interested in will be at the conference

  • ORGANIZE your information. Put it in the most simple, concise format that suites you
    • This may be a spreadsheet with columns for "ITEM", "EDITION", "EXHIBITOR", "PRICE NEW", "PRICE USED", "QUESTIONS/COMMENTS"
    • This may also be 3 x 5 cards organized by subject with all the information you need on each card.
    • Whatever works for you just keep it simple and in an order that is easy to refer to quickly when you need it.
    • Here are a couple sites that offer pre-formatted help in this area:
    • This site offers a few things under the heading Curriculum Fair Battle Plan Form.
    • Online Form: You will not be able to save this file but you can fill it out and print it.

  • COMPARE. If you have access to a homeschool store that sells new and used materials, include them on your list for comparison. It is always good to know what your options are.

  • EXPLORE. Don't forget to add to your list exhibitors you are curious about. Even if they don't have any products you currently use this is still a great time to explore and learn.

  • SCHEDULE. Check out the schedule for the OCEANetwork Conference.
    • There are no breaks dedicated to "exhibit hall shopping"
    • You will need to schedule your shopping around the workshops and keynote speakers you most want to see

  • USED SALE. Don't forget the Used Curriculum Exchange. You will be able to find most of the popular items at significantly lower prices.
    • The sale is adjacent to the exhibit hall
    • Saturday 10:30 - 1:30
    • Entry is by pre-assigned time. That time will be assigned to you in the order people register for the conference. Conference volunteers get to shop first.
    • This is also a great place to find what you need a few years down the road. If you are committed to a specific curriculum (i.e. Saxon Math, Apologia Science etc.) look for great deals on items you may need in a year or two.

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